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    Elizabeth Wheeler is the most knowledgeable and professional lawyer in Georgia, perhaps in the southeastern part of the country. She’s immensely responsible and a pleasure with whom to work. Michele Satterlund US Army Educator, Retired

    — Client

Georgia Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney With 20+ Years of Experience

When you are tackling a challenging legal matter that affects you and your loved ones, working with an experienced attorney can help ensure that your goals are accomplished without unnecessary expense. At Elizabeth M. Wheeler, Attorney at Law, LLC, I am committed to advising and representing clients throughout the State of Georgia . I have a strong client base on the north side of Atlanta, and our firm travels weekly or bi-weekly to various areas for face to face meetings or in-court representation. Since entering the practice of law 23 years ago, I’ve helped thousands of Georgia clients with their estate needs. On the first day of law school, the professor addressed our class with these words: “As an attorney, you will be able to use the knowledge that you have gained and will gain, to be a light in a very dark tunnel in which clients find themselves surrounded by complex, legal issues.” Over the years, it has been a true joy to help put my clients’ minds at ease in the following areas of law:

Estate planning/Wills and Trusts I have worked with clients from all walks of life to not only draft a Last Will and Testament that meets their intent, but also to assess their entire estate portfolio to be sure that all life insurance, retirement accounts, and annuity beneficiaries are considered and properly handled. I have represented numerous clients with taxable estates, drafting credit shelter trusts, life insurance trusts, and irrevocable trusts for the purpose of gifting to minor children and grandchildren. I have also drafted thousands of simple Wills for clients to meet their individual needs regarding property or care for minor children. In working with the elderly, I take particular interest in the estate plan to be certain that all future, long-term care needs are covered, including supplemental needs trusts in the Wills. Some clients also prefer to avoid probate with Revocable (Living) Trusts due to the complexity of their estate, due to privacy issues within the family that should not be made public during probate, or due to other issues specific to their individual family needs.

  • Powers of Attorneys/Healthcare Directives – A comprehensive estate plan will not only include planning for death but also planning for incapacity during life. I will not only make certain my clients have the latest approved Georgia provisions for their Powers of Attorneys, but I will also include specific provisions that are unique to each family as you plan for such issues as long-term care.

Probate and estate administration — I advise Executors with the probate of Estates and Administrators with the administration of Estates having no Will.I have successfully probated estates that range from $25,000 to over $50 million. I have a passion for helping families through a difficult and emotional process and carrying out the intent of the deceased loved one in a manner that will keep everyone free from court battles.

Elder law — I have advised hundreds of clients in planning for long-term care; the Medicaid rules for nursing home eligibility are complex and each individual client has a different set of needs and facts; One of my goals in counseling clients with elderly loved ones is to make sure clients understand the truth of what they have heard about Medicaid planning – many myths exist in this field of law and the face of government-supported care is ever changing.

  • Guardianships /Special Needs Trusts for Incapacitated Adults and Children– I have obtained numerous non-contested guardianships for elderly adults and have obtained contested guardianships for eldery parents where the adult children disagreed on the proper caregiver. I have also obtained guardianships for adult, incapacitated children, including children afflicted with autism and other disabling conditions. I will work with your family to be certain that you not only have the authority you need under the guardianship and conservatorship laws to care for your special needs child or incapacitated adult, but I will also work with you to be certain you have the appropriate special needs trust set up to hold their assets should you, their caregiver, pass away first.

Adoptions —I have represented many of my estate planning clients over the years in completing private adoptions. One of the most special of adoptions was obtained by me for an elderly foster couple that was initially denied the right to adopt by DFACS based on their age, even though they had cared for a foster baby for two years since birth. I have been fortunate to be able to help numerous families over the years in obtaining adoptions for step-parents, relatives/grandparents raising grandchildren, and private, third parties.

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